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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Wyandotte Momma, Feb 24, 2015.

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    Jan 8, 2015
    So I got some chicks from TSC a couple days ago. And let me tell ya I'm in love! Anyway, when I got home everyone was fine happy. Then I noticed one of the girls ( I got all pullets) seemed to be a little more laid back I kinda thought whatever just maybe in shock from the ride home. But she passed away :( but postive is the other 5 are healthy! And I went back the next day after she passed and got another pullet. And now she seems to be adapting fine to the flock she eats she drinks and plays and chirps and do all the adorable things chicks do. However, when it comes to sleeping she tends to stay on the other side of the pen/ enclosure whatever it is on the opposite side of the heat lamp. I have tried putting her over next to the ball of 5 chicks, but she ends up going to her "corner". Are the other girls rejecting her or does she maybe just like to sleep alone? Like I said though when she's awake she makes her presence known! :) Sorry for going into such detail...
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    if she was cold, she'd be over there cuddled up with them. Unless they've gotten a new batch in since you bought the first ones, odds are she was in with them already, doubt they'd reject her.

    That said, I bought 8 blue americana's today, 6 were a week old, the other 2 were just hatched Monday, no problems with them all accepting each other, matter of fact, I've seen both the day olds push some of the bigger ones out of the way to get to the food dish

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