Chick born too soon

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Skye727, Oct 28, 2015.

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    Jun 20, 2014
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    I set some eggs almost two weeks ago. I then had to leave on a 9 day trip for work leaving my 20 year old Daughter to take care of them. She doesn't do a perfect job, but whatever they will most likely all be mutts anyway. I had one little Cochin hatch a week early! When I got back from my trip I checked on the eggs and the humidity was 0% (not sure how that happens) and the temp. was 80. There was a hole in one egg. I thought it cracked from dryness but I left it alone. The next day, there was a little chick in there. She's now two days old and doing great except that she's super lonely. Tried to have her Mom take care of her. She was not interested at all. I gave her a mirror and a fuzzy. She slept under the covers with my disabled Daughter last night. She hardly moves,so I knew she would be ok. She cries and cries when she's in her box. What can I do? I feel so bad that she's alone! The other eggs look ready to hatch, but nothing yet. How was she so early? Do they start developing when sitting on the counter waiting for more eggs to incubate?
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    The only explanation would be if a hen in the coop had incubated the egg for a few days before it went into the incubator. How early was it? It's not unusual for an egg to hatch as early as day 19, especially if the temp in the bator is a bit high.

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