chick born with no feathers


Sep 19, 2019
Hi there our chicken recently hatched her chicks however one of them was completely bald apart from the odd fuzzy feather on his wings, we kept mother and chicks inside for as long as we could but they have had had to go outside now as rest of clutch needed to start foraging etc, we tried putting the featherless chick outside too with a fitted sock and then we tried wrapping his wee body in cling film, however he just isn't able to keep up with the rest. Has this happened to anyone before?


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there is a recessive trait that causes birds to have no feathers but it is rare I believe.

A while back there was a member that had a featherless chick. It's been so long I've forgotten who it was. Little guy never did grow any feathers and she had to protect it's skin from too much sun and weather but making it little 'sweaters'.

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