Chick bullying


Apr 21, 2015
I just had a hatch yesterday and into this morning my first time incubating and I had a 100% hatch too!! They have all been getting along but for some reason one of the chicks seems to want to peck at the eyes of the other ones?? I know about he pecking order but is this what it is trying to establish or is there something else I should be worrying about??

This is the same chick from the top pic but it still opens it but it look swollen.

This one has a gooey thing in the eye??

This is the bully ^

Any suggestions??
Hard to say, a lone chick is not a good thing.

It isn't a pecking order thing though, very young chicks usually try to peck at the mama hens eyes too.
From closer observation it looks like a few others are pecking now too?? Should I separate all of them at this point?

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