Chick cant walk and other issues?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Emslilflock, Mar 21, 2017.

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    May 21, 2016
    My chicks started hatching Sunday! So far, this is the only one with issues. It pipped Sunday afternoon 3pm ish. It did not hatch until this morning. I think the membrane must have started to dry because it was opaque white and the little guy was half hanging out of the shell for almost and hour because the membrane wouldn't give. I tore it a little and he made it out. I also noticed some of him already was dry so the fluff is matted down rather than fluffy. As he was hatching the other chicks were picking on him and once out they ran over to him pecking at him and standing on him. I separated him and noticed he cant walk. He keeps both legs near his body and the one foot is still curled up (but completely formed) he also keeps his right wing up and out. While being held he turns his head to the right. He only flops around and for the most part either laying on his back or right side. Could this be wry neck? What should I do for him?
  2. Emslilflock

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    May 21, 2016
    Here's a couple pics of the little guy. He is finally all fluffy and mostly gunk free. He still can't get on his feet though. He just sits back on his butt (like in the pic of me holding him). Otherwise he's been laying like he is in the other photo's. [​IMG]



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    In the real world, sometimes things don't work as planned, nature has a way of thinning the herd.
    The other chicks were just doing what comes natural, and culling out the sick and broken.

    Face it, this chick is defective, when it couldn't get out of the shell, that was your first sign, and it probably would have died right then and there if you hadn't interfered.

    These things happen.
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    Joe's right - it's a cruel world. Your chick would have died pre-hatch if you hadn't intervened. It's no different than an embryo being arrested halfway through incubation. It's just heart wrenching to see a tiny chick that happens to be still alive and struggling.

    It may sound heartless, but you would better serve this chick to euthanize it before it faces a short life of fruitless struggle and cruel treatment from the other chicks, which is guaranteed to happen because it's how chickens roll.
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    Unfortunately, I concur. This issue is part of the incubation package. If the eggs were under a broody hen, she would have provided a superior environment to foster natural embryonic development. IMO, incubation is second best, no matter how good we become at it. B/C I am not a broody hen, and am not providing the BEST of the BEST incubation technique, I am inclined to help a chick in such a situation. I've had a few chicks that were very successful assists, and 24 hours later, you could not pick them out of the masses. However, especially with a chick that is late out of the egg, compared to her siblings, the outcome is not likely to be favorable, and I am well aware that incubation, especially when coupled with assisted hatches results in some chicks that must be culled for the benefit of all concerned.
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    How much do you want to see if this chick can survive
    it probably has an immature digestive system .now you can try and give it some poultry Nutri drench from your local feed store at Tractor Supply and it's not too late to go ahead and put a splint on its foot . the Nutri drench might help if it has a vitamin deficiency causing its neck to bend like that. you can try that if the splint and the Nutri drench doesn't work then you probably should go ahead and cull the chick . okay you have a good day bye.

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