Chick can't walk!

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9 Years
Oct 20, 2010
Central FL
I have a 2-day old Australorp chick who can't walk. One of her hips seems to be dislocated, but she has not hurt herself - she came out of the egg all crumpled up and her wing has a bit of a 'dent'.

So I tried the bandaid method, but she ended up just flopping everywhere and getting into weird positions. I took it off, did it again but this time splinted the leg with a Qtip. Same result. Now I have the chick taped to the counter so it can't flop everywhere and has to stand with the spint.

Does anyone have any tips for me? This chick has a drastically twisted hip.
I would cull
Why not wait on the culling advice. One of my chicks had a leg that was bent forward. Advice from the hatchery was to cull. I decided not to cull since she had such spunk. She hopped around on one foot and made it through chickhood with her brooder mates trying to peck at the foot that was bent and out front. She'd hide her head and neck under branches I'd put in the coop so the others couldn't peck her and when the others would go outside, she'd stand at the door and call me to pick her up and take her outside, too. She was so sweet and lovable. She died at 6 months because my dog went into the coop, picked Sweetie Pie up in her mouth, and ended up killing her. Sweetie Pie was so used to being picked up that she didn't put up a fuss. I was heartbroken, as any "parent" of a special child would be. She'll always have a place in my heart. The dog now lives with my neighbor.

My point being, you never know if the situation might straighten itself out or if she can live with the handicap. Why not wait a bit and give her lots of loving attention in the meanwhile.
The poor little thing died last night. I tried really hard to keep up with it's nutrition, fed it all the time, but it always fought me. It couldn't get to the food or water by itself and all my efforts to straighten it's leg did not work. I was going to cull this morning but it died last night.

RIP little chickie, I wish I could have helped you.

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