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Feb 9, 2010
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Ok ... so, my boyfriend's DD was supposed to be taking care of the chicks when they arrived ... however ... she took a trip to visit some family and may not be back until next weekend. Chicks are supposed to arrive Tues/Wed-ish of next week. How often during the day do they need to be checked up on? Boyfriend can check on them in the AM before work, and I can go over in the PM to play/clean/bond with them.

How many hours can they be left alone?
I check mine once or twice a day mostly just to make sure they are all still cute and fuzzy (and they are). Chicks are really pretty independent as long as they have food, water, and warmth they are fine. I did have my thermostat burn out and both of my heat lamps died. Inbetween checkings. But everyone was still ok just all balled up to stay warm. If they are inside the house and there is no chance of a dog or cat getting to them think once or twice a day is plenty.
I'm adding to your post!

How often do you pick up and individually check each chick for pasty butts?
When I had to go to work during Brooder days, I checked every little fuzzbutt in the morning after making sure their feeder and waterer were both full. Then I did the same when I got home from work.

And then I spent hours and hours just watching them, with small breaks to go see what was going on in the rest of the house. One last check o' butts and topping off the feeder/waterer before I went to bed.
I did 3 times a day (before work, after work, and immediately before bed) when I was working, and two would probably work just as well.

My third was mostly a checkup on the heat lamp. The chicks took care of themselves; that stupid lamp had me nervous as anything :p
TwoChicks~ Get the brooder set up early and check the temps a few times (especially if you are using a lamp). It may take a little tweeking to get things right. Be sure the waterer is safe and stable, and they should be fine. Good luck!
Thanks everyone for the advice. I was thinking they needed checking on every hour or so ... but since they seem to be independent boogers, I'll feel ok leaving them with a teddy bear and some vittles.

Getting excited!!!!!
Mine have been checked 2-3 times daily...during each check we refill H2O and feed if needed; we check litter and change once daily. When the litter is changed we move the chicks to the "playroom" of their suite and check for pasty butt, treating as needed. Then, I usually will go in some time just to observe behavior and watch them play/peck/eat/sleep/etc. In one week mine have grown bigger and stronger!!

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