chick caught out in rain, now sick

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    My 16 week old Silkie got caught out in a storm on Friday. She did not go into the coop with the other birds. When I found her she was soaked. I put her in the coop to dry and keep warm. The next morning she was lying on the floor of the coop. She is now in the garage in a temporary cage. She ate a little yogurt from my finger but would not eat or drink anything else. Her poo is very watery and brown but has been improving. She was staggering and walking in circles but that improved by the next day. I can't get her to eat or drink on her own. I have been force feeding her mashed food and electrolytes several times a day. I have dusted her with DE in case of mites but don't have any evidence of bugs. What would cause walking in circles? What could cause her to get run down so quickly? How do you tell for sure if a chick is blind? It has been very hot here but the coop is under shade trees and we usually have a breeze. They always have access to water. Thank you for any help you can give me.
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    She could have an ear infection from getting so wet? That can cause circling - sorry can;t think of anything else right now. Keep her warm and dry and keep feeding her little bits, yogurt and egg are good. She may need antibiotics - sounds like infection to me.

    Best of luck. Hopefully someone else will come along with better answers for you.

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    I have no experience on this - but if it is a cold, maybe some injectable TYlan 50? Maybe you can search on here....................

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