Chick-Chick has passed


14 Years
May 15, 2008
Honolulu, HI
Aloha everyone,

I haven't posted in awhile so I don't know if anyone remembers me but I'm the one in Hawai`i who became a chicken mama b/c of my daughter's preschool project coming home.

Turned out she was a meat chicken that my daughter named Chick-Chick.

Well...she passed away in June of this year and although it's been 3 months, I still find it hard to deal with. I miss her very much b/c she was like a little dog, following us around and just always being there. She was 14 months old and would've lived longer if someone hadn't broken her neck one evening when we weren't home.

The other 2, our browns, weren't harmed. I assume b/c it was dark and they hang back of the "coop" we have. Chick-Chick being bright white and probably 20 pounds, hung towards the fence which is close to the sidewalk.

I'm glad that Sienna and Tallulah are fine and are still laying daily for us. I just felt as if I should post something here for closure b/c I joined up here as a result of bringing Chick-Chick home.

TY for reading if you got this far.
I am so sorry for your loss
I am so sorry for your loss. It is very hard to loose a critter family member.
She will however live forever in your heart and sharing stories about her keeps her memory vivid.
Im so sorry:( I wish that at least for those of us that our chicks are mostly pets, would never have to deal with this stuff. I know stuff happens on the 'farm' and i delt with it when i was 'back on the farm/ranch' but it's just not the same now that i have them mostly as pets. I wish you healing...
So sorry for your loss.
I remember you posting about her. I cannot imagine why someone would do that. That is insane.
It's not fair that it always seems that it is the sweet ones.

Sorry to hear about your loss!!!

I nearly had to cull my favourite chicken this week, so I know a litte of what it must be like...

I hate the thought that there are ppl out there who would just go and harm a poor animal for fun!!! What kind of sick person would do that?

I hope that you heal quickly !!!
I wanted to post a very overdue THANK YOU to all of you who responded to this post about Chick-Chick. It's still painful to be here on the boards again b/c I'm not talking about her & her puppy ways however it's also like "coming home" to people who understand the chicken addiction.

Sienna & Tallulah are doing fine, slow on the laying - I swear Sienna has been molting for MONTHS.

I have a new addition, a friend rescued 2 baby chicks in the yard in the pouring rain. One didn't make it & she gave me the other one to raise. I hope it's a hen.

Again, TY so much for your support!!!!!

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