Chick dead


Dec 28, 2015
Found a 2 week old chick dead unexpectedly. It was acting normal a few hours before. There was a bit of runny black poop splattered in his box but no other signs. We have 1 other chick in with him who seems to be fine also, but worried he will die unexpectedly too. He did poop a bit of runny black poop this morning. The
the photo makes it look red, but it is more brown. I thought they were on medicated feed, but they were not. Just switch this guy to medicated feed last night and put nutri drench in his water.


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Dec 11, 2009
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To be on the safe side, I would put Corid in the drinking water for the surviving chick. It can't hurt, and it's what's in your medicated feed, but it will be in a quantity to kill the cocci parasites if that's indeed what killed the one chick.

Keep up the Nutri-drench. Nice going.

You will need to try to acquire another chick asap or your surviving chick will go bonkers with loneliness, if it hasn't already.

I lost two chicks this past year, and I understand how awful it is.

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