chick died. vet said it was severe respiratory virus. how do I stop it

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    If it was gapeworm i belive you would have seen red lines in the mouth, that would have been your worm,
    from teh sounds of it with the yellow mass, could have been wet pox,
    wet pox will form a yellow mass in the mouth and can 1 make them stop eating and drinking becouse it i spain ful for them and or 2 it can suffercate them.

    also did the chick have any discharge from the nasil or eyes?
    if so it is relates to CRD =(colds, flues respitory disease)
    Some birds remain carriers.
    you can use Tylan ( which is very pricey) or try Duramycin-10

    alos add soem ACV (apple cider viniger) to there water daily.
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    Well we haven't had any more chickens die, So I guess that is a good sign. We are giving them some antibiotics ( doxycycline hydrochloride ) and I Have been keeping them extra warm. but they all seem to be doing fine.

    the one that died didn't have runny eyes or nose. I tried tipping it upside down and someone said they saw a drop of water come out of it's beak but the bird seemed to get worse when I did that.

    Sorry I havn't been updating this thread but the computer has been quite bad for my health and I have been trying to not use it.
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    Watch for sneezing, goopy eyes, etc. Also, keep tylan on hand (either powder, or injectible Tyland 50 or 250), which helps with some respiratory problems. If another chick gets sick, this might help. If you can get an exact dosage from the vet, you can better target any possible treatments. Also, first state vet supply run by Mr. Peter Brown is a great resource. He products are good, and he gives dosage and usage information for poultry.
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    glad there are no others getting that way, but yea like stated above keep an eye on all of them.

    if it happened after you tipped the bird upside down, and a drop of fluid came out when you did that , possibiltys is you may have released the water in her crop tp come up and then back down her airway tube, which puts the water in her lungs.

    The dosage for tylan powder 100 is 1 teaspoon per gallon of water, new solution every 24 hours . If you need to use the tylan. 1 to 7 days.

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