Chick disease?? Help need input.

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    I orders some day old chicks online. I got them in the mail and one was dead in transit, which is to be expected. They guarunteed 25. So I was happy when I had 30 live chicks. I noticed 3 had crooked toes, which I gave them tape shoes like I have seen people on BYC do before. Then I went ahead and put them in my newly made brooder w heat from 2 lamps so they were nice and toasty.... and little by little they started dying off. I got 30 live chicks on Friday and now I only have 12. I am worried that they have some sort of disease. I looked at something called Mareks disease. I just dont know if its it though. When I got them alot of the keep both eyes closed alot. Its like they were not very alert. Then they would get weaker and weaker. I ended up putting some poly vi sol ( no iron) in there water so that maybe having some vitamins would make them stronger but no luck. They get weak, then they lay down on there sides and then just die. I feel so helpless. I am emailing the company that sold them to me. It was double R outlet... they order them from the hatchery and they get shipped to me. Should I start vaccinating them as soon as I get them. I have no problems with any of my other chickens but these havent even been in contact with any. They are totally separated. Can someone PLEASE tell me what to do??? I am very sad that they are dying and I am scared that they are all going to die if I dont do anything. I just think I have done everything that I can think of.

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    Are your chicks eating and drinking? (did you dip their beaks when you put them in the brooder)

    How warm is your brooder - both the hotest/warmest and the coldest/coolest areas? The chicks should be able to move from the heat to a cooler area to cool down.

    How does the poo look?

    Sorry this is happening.

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