Chick doesn't want to stand

Urban Daisy

Apr 29, 2015
Kenai, Alaska
I have a 4-day old white rock chick. She was fine the first couple of days in the brooder. Yesterday I noticed she was laying around a lot and today she is the same way. I toon her out and noticed she just wants to lay in my hand or on the towel. I tried to video her walking as it looks like her right leg hurts her.
This is my first time raising chicks so I'm totally lost on how to help her. She gobbled food right up when I put it right in front is her. She doesn't seem interested in finding it in her brooder. She is the smallest of all the chicks.
Should I separate her from the rest? Should I tape her little leg somehow? Should I find a chicken person in my area to help? :)

I'm not sure how to get my video to load. This is just a pic of her.

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