Chick dropped - what to be aware of?


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6 Years
Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
Child (11yo) was holding two 2-day old chicks (Black Jersey Giant). When transferring them, one dropped onto floor at height of approx 30-36 inches. The floor is thin carpet (no padding) with a plastic chair protector on it - so not a soft surface, but not exactly very hard either. Chick chirped loud a few times - I picked it up, held it cupped in my hand and transferred it to the brooder. It is walking around, and now a couple of hours later it seems ok. But, should I be watching for anything? Should I be worried about internal injuries or is chick maybe just fine if it is moving around ok?

And yes, child had already been told not to carry 2 chicks at one time before this happened, but....couldn't resist holding both Jersey Giants I guess.

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