chick feed shortage in our area.. HELP.


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Apr 17, 2012
There seems to be a shortage on non-medicated chick starter. I went to get some from and they were out of stock, so I found some on Amazon, but after ordering was told it is on back order (this was after ordering far enough in advance to not run out before it got here). When they finally told me it was back ordered (I had to email them and ask where it was), I had maybe a day or two left to get food. Yesterday I gave them the last of the chick feed and had my husband run by the feed store. They're out of non-medicated food too! He recommended we try the other store in town but they were already closed for last night.

My husband is going to try and go to the other store this morning when they open. Last night I went ahead and gave them yogurt - they ate it all up. But what if the other store doesn't have the food we need either? What can I feed them? They are 5 weeks old tomorrow and strong healthy girls. We're actually considering moving them to the coop this weekend since it's been so warm and they're just about fully feathered out. Should I just let them out to forage?

You can feed them a mixture of rolled oats, cracked wheat, and seeds. Keep feeding it to them until you get the feed. Also, supply fresh sand to help digest their food. Hope this helps.
Thank you thank you! I do a little coffee mug of sand in there for them because I had bought some dried meal worms for them. If the feed store doesn't have what we need, I will head to the grocery store and get grains!
well, luckily the feed store still had some so I went out and got some today. whew!

so, how long do the chicks stay on chick starter? they're black star chicks that we're raising to be layer hens.
you stay on chick starter until there first egg. when they lay their first egg, then feed them layer crumble. you can add oyster shell to make the shell stronger. hope this helps

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