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May 5, 2009
We want to feed our baby chics antibiotic free food help us with this please
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Medicated chick feed ordinarily does not have an anfibiotic, but rather amprolium, which affect any cocci the chicken eats by interfering with thiamine uptake in the cocci. You do have to chick labels, though, to make sure the medication is amprolium and not an antibiotic. It's been a while since I've seen feed with an actual antibiotic in it, but it does happen. TSC used to hang a sign by their unmedicated feed recommending giving them Duramycin at the same time, which is an antibiotic. I don't know whether they still do this.

Feed chickens free choice.
Does anyone know where to get organic feed i central Illinois? I havent been able to find any so far and I have alot of people ask me at work. We dont carry any organic feeds.
OK what exactly is free choice? I have seen this in two different threads I have this one and one about our GLW laying soft eggs
Free choice is when food is always available. I have never seen a chicken or duck overeat so I always have food out for them.

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