Chick feet deformed... any treatment?


Apr 1, 2019
I just bought 8 Ameruacana pullets from TS two days ago. I just noticed one of them has a foot issue. Her toes are curled when she walks/stands. The bedding is heavy layer of pine shavings. She seems to get around ok. I just wondered if there is anything I could do to help straighten her toes or should I just not worry about it.
I’ve had two chicks hatch like this.

What I did to fix it was cutout cardboard in a similar size to her feet and basically just tape her feet to the cardboard. It’s easier to fix when they’re a day old.

You want to kind of flatten her feet and shape the toes where they should be before placing the tape.

This is what I did and I don’t know if this is the way most other people do it.

*it worked out really well when I did this too
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