Chick fell asleep in my hand!!!!! [bragging]

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Covered in Pet Hair & Feathers
10 Years
Sep 22, 2009
My slice of heaven in Somerset, CA
First time Chicken Mom here. 3 of my 4 different breed chicks are 2, maybe 3 weeks old, and 1 is only a week old. (Got 'em at a feed store and the Brahmas had sold out when the new delivery arrived, so I only had balls of fluff to choose from for that breed.)

Anyway, I'm handling them twice a day, petting them with a finger down from the back of their necks to their tail ends between their shoulder blades. After screaming bloody hell when I pick 'em up, they settle down but stay alert.

Last night, Rhoda (guess her breed) actually closed her eyes and rested her head on my thumb and fell asleep! I sat there on the toilet - lid down - my brooder is in the bathroom - for a good 20 minutes with a sleeping chick in my hand!!! I could hear her breathe.....
I love it when they snooze on you. I can't wait to have babies again - only 15 more days!!!!!

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