Chick gagging?

May 11, 2020
Somewhere in Missouri
We brought our 6-week old chicks outside to their coop today. I noticed my Buff Orpington, Sunny, was almost like gagging but chirping at the same time. Im worried about her. We brought all of the chicks back inside to the brooder. Any ideas whats going on?? Thanks in advance.
A short video posted to YouTube or Vimeo with a link posted here might be helpful. Could she be gasping? Is the chick adjusting it’s crop? Can you feel of the crop and tell us what it feels like? What are you feeding, including treats? If they are eating grass or things other than chick feed, they will need to have chick grit, and later poultry grit to help digest their food.
I would let them pick it themselves, not give them already cut grass. They do need chick grit until they are about 11 weeks old, then poultry sized grit. If she continues the crop adjusting, you could give her some cold coconut oil cut into pieces, or a little olive oil.

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