Chick grabbed by Dog, need some help...

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Jul 14, 2009
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My sister was over a few days ago with her b/f's kid and her friend and the girls had a couple of the chicks out and my poor little "Showstopper" got loose and the dog grabbed her. She had some rough breathing afterward but it passed and i have just been keeping an eye on her. Well today i picked everyone out of the brooder to play in the yard and i noticed her eye was closed. I gently pulled it open and it was Really watery and there is a swollen area in front of it. Also, half of her body was puffed up like a baloon, just full of air. I was a little hesitant but i gently used a needle and made 1 small poke and the air all came out and she looks normal there again.

What should I do about the eye?
Any idea why she was full of air?

Thank guys
The eye needs some terramycin and the air is a punctured lung or air in hte abdominal cavity caused by a puncture from the dog's canines. Check her for small puncture holes on her body, pick off the scab and clean with a povidone solution (half povidone and half water) apply Neosporin. Keep an eye on the eye. Check for any blood clots or black and blue areas on the white of the eyeball. When a dog picks up a prey item, it grabs with its canines and sometimes shakes the prey, causing internal tearing. She could have a punctured lung so watch her breathing too. Keep her separated from the rest of the flock until she is at 100%.

Good Luck!
The weird thing is that she's running around normal like she's just fine, though obviously she isn't..

I looked around for any other holes but couldnt find any, her breathing was a little fast at first but it slowed down. I will try to get a cage set up to seperate her inside. I need to give the terramycin in the water, right? It would be better if she had a friend with her but i dont wanna medicate another chick if it doesnt need it. Thank you.

ETA: I just checked and I only have Tetracycline(Durramycin), will that work for her eye?
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Any eye antibiotic would be fine. If she is eating and acting normal then keep her quiet for a few days and make sure there aren't any scabs for the other hens to pick know how they LOVE a good scab picking! Sounds like the air you pulled out was from a hole made by a canine. If her lungs had a hole, she'd be lethargic and weak as there would be little oxygen in her blood. She sounds like a fighter. Good for her! One tough hen! Hold off on the antibiotics in the water if she isn't showing signs of injury as you don't want to over do it with the antibiotics and have her body build up a tolerance. Just check on her several times a day until you KNOW she is in the clear.

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