chick has flesh nub with a little bit of yolk sack attatched...:(


8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Northern Illinois
My chick hatched a few hours ago with assistance after not being able to finish getting out of the shell after zipping because of no water being in the water trays and very low humidity. There was no yolk sack still attached, but I just noticed that he has a little flesh nub with a little bit of yolk sack attached there now. What should I do and will he be ok? Should I iodine it?
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It should absorb in a little while. Just do not mess with it.

Be sure hes somwhere alone where no other chicks can pick on him,

and leave him alone.


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left it alone in the bator and it stepped on it and pulled its own guts out.
Next time I am going to put a bandaid over it. It literally when from almost being completely absorbed to EVERYTHING back out and then some. I had to cull it.

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