Chick has watery eyes and lethargic


7 Years
Jul 18, 2012
Carmel Valley, CA
I just bought some 5-day old chicks, and one looks sick to me. Her eyes are half-closed and watery, and she seems just a bit lethargic. Is there a treatment I can try without involving a vet? Maybe antibiotic ointment to her eyes? She's already on medicated feed.
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Update, in case anyone is interested: applied bacitracin ointment to her eyes, and gave her liquid antibiotic via water. I had to dip her beak in the water to get her to drink since she had no interest on her own and couldn't see the water dish. She showed improvement within 24 hours - eating and drinking on her own, and eyes open and functional. She is on medicated chick starter too, now that she's eating it.

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