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marans chick hatched but had "goo" on it that dried the feathers hard instead of fluffy AND the chick doesn't appear to have much for feathers on it's back or neck. Washed said chick in warm water to get the goo off. Sure enough ... doesn't have much feathers on the back or neck. Now at day 1 or 2, it also has on the side of it's neck but kind of just in front of the wing a "bubble" under the skin. seems quite moveable, not a solid mass. Maybe like a blister.

Should I put a little hole in it to release the pressure and then let it heal? Should I leave it alone? I know it seems weird, but it's almost like this chick was "scalded" in the egg and it burned the feathers down to the skin. Does this make sense? Any suggestions?

These were shipped eggs across the country. 12 shipped ... 10 hatched ... Of the two that didn't hatch, one was shrink wrapped and one wasn't developed at all and was just scrambled egg.
Something very similar to this happened in my last hatch. After a couple of days, the chick had gone from having the little "blister" to the whole underside feeling like a water balloon. I have since determined that the "goo" on its back was from the intestines not forming correctly. The chick died on the third day...the day I discovered the swelling. I hope you have a better result! I had planned to give it some Poly-Vi-Sol for a boost, but was too late.
Also interesting to note that the last batch (hatched about 2-3 weeks before this one) also had a "goo" chick, but that chick did have feathers. Washed it all off and it dried fluffy and is still fine.
I had a chick with a blister type thing that it hatched out with. The breeder though that it just had a funny way of standing but I noticed a few days after getting it, anyways it popped on its own and drained like an abcess would, I gave the chicks antibiotics too. I dont know if I would have popped it myself though. Hopefully someone with more experience in the matter will chime in.

I also had a duckling hatch really gooey this past spring. Only has one eye and the good one does not work. I assumed some bacteria or another got into the egg via a crack too tiny to see. She is a healthy egg laying adult now though.

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