chick hatched early, and all others havn't hatched but rock in the shell! help


7 Years
Apr 5, 2012
it was day 21 1 hour ago and none of the 7 eggs left in the bator have pipped peeped, i have only seen one rock. one started pipping at 6 am and at 3:30 he was out. 3 1/2 hours after hatch i took him out quickly and put him in the brooder. will he be ok. also he is meant to be a silver laced wyandotte but he is pure white??? he is still a little wet, can i hold him. so the SLW hatched out early and nothing in the last eggs. some times to can hear tapping noises but thats it. any help appreciateded. also what age can I vent sex?
They hatch in their own time, don't expect them all to pop out right on time. Let him get good and dry before you hold him. The tapping noises are them working on it, try to avoid bothering this eggs too much, they are getting themselves in position to hatch. Not to mention if they pip and you keep opening the incubator, you are losing precious humidity, which can be a death sentence for a hatching chick.

Be patient and let them hatch. (I know nothing about vent sexing, sorry.)
I watched a video that showed if you look in the first three days at the end of their wings the feathers on a female will have one short and one long, one short and one long etc... and a rooster will have feathers all the same length. the feathers that stick straight back off the backside of the wing, like the flaps.
The wing sexing only works on certain hybrid chickens. I forget the male-female pair you need, it might be Leghorn-Rock but IDK for sure.
thanks guys! i did feather sexing with female two lenghts and male all the same, sexed one M and one F, both plymouth rocks turned out to be males though :(. or silver laced wyandotte chick came out pure white because of a recessing gene. our blue laced gold came out dark blue with white wing tip allmost the same as out blue orpingtons and our other BLG came out gold/brown with black stripes. 5 have hatchg so far but one of the BO is so big and fat his feet are deformed. (he's my special little penguin ;)

the last two eggs havn't hatched so it will be 48 hours tonight. candelled them last night and one had no veins and the other did. they don't look that big though, their is a 1 cm gap between them and the air sack. any thoughts?

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