Chick hatched with a foot problem

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    Sep 12, 2012
    One of my Ameraucana chicks (right at 2 weeks old) apparently has deformed toes. Both of her middle toes on the front twist around. They stretch all the way out, they just twist upside down until the tip of the toe is either sideways or upside down.

    She has had this problem since she hatched. But even though it is twisted like that, the joints in those toes still bend (although it looks kinda painful, she has no reaction to bending it). And she also hasn't developed any slower than the others, including walking. She still walks and tries to jump right alongside the others.

    Has anyone else had an issue like that? Does anyone know what the cause may be, aside from just bad luck development while she was in the egg? The other chicks are mostly full brothers or sisters, with a few half siblings, and none of them have any issues like this.
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    Hi, sorry to hear! I have links saved for braces examples, easy to this Article at the bottom.... here they are.....

    CHICKEN ORTHOPEDICS ~ (I have these saved in my favorites for hatch)

    GOOD Luck n let me know how it goes!

    what bedding did u use in brooder?
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