Chick hatched with bad leg!


13 Years
May 29, 2010
I had a chick hatch with a leg that seems to be out of it's socket or just smushed in the egg and is now off. A day with buddies didn't help. I bound the leg to the other tonight, but I don't think it will help. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow. It's at the hip, leg goes all the way behind it and twists inward. It's using the wing to help move itself, but it always ends up flipped. I have to dip it's beak so it can drink. I'll start mash tomorrow after work also. Never had a leg this bad, it's different than just splayed legs.
It had an odd hatch. It was an egg on the second level, I had 1 egg crate on the bottom and then another with eggs above it. It seemed to of exploded out of the egg, brown-red old blood in the shell and ALL over the chick. It was caked up, maybe that's where the leg issue came from. But the shell had a lot of muck in it and all over the other eggs and the chick.
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I wish their was something i knew for you to do but that is a terrible situation, I'm soooo sorry!
Made a halter so the leg stays under and at the side. No idea what's going on, can't get a good pic. But if it's splayed leg, it's the worst kind.
You might wanna create some sort of "walker" or sling-type contraption out of an egg cup or something that might hold the the chick in a semi-standing upright position so its leg stays under it after you secure it to the other leg. I don't know if the leg can be repositioned in this way, but its worth a shot. It sounds bad... I had a chick that had a twisted leg but only from the knee down. It was huge pain to keep a "boot" on it and try to straighten it out. It didn't live long enough to see if my efforts had worked at all, though.
Too bad you couldn't give it to my sister-in-law. She has one of mine that her leg turned around and was twisted. They babied it and made a handi-cap accessible coop for it. It walks with its wing and the other leg - not real well but since they baby it soo much, it is doing fine. They make sure water and food are available at the ground level. I was going to cull it when she said she would try to make it survive. It is 13 weeks old and doing fine as long as they pay lots of attention to it.
It's not a normal splayed leg. It goes out to the right at the hip nearly at a 90d angle. Then it goes back behind her stretched out, twisted maybe 40d at the hock. Chick can barely move it. Both legs are real weak, left foot toes curve often.

Taping the legs is no good. The turn out is at the hip and the leg twists, can't fix that with just tape.
I'm thinking of just getting the chick to grow, then go from there at this point.
I can hardly treat a splayed leg it seems...
(Not having the greatest luck with my most current "project" as my parents call it.)
I hope someone can help you.
The exploding out of the egg sounds a bit crazy! I'm sure that worried you to see that.
Best of luck to you and your wee friend.
Hope someone comes along with an answer soon! <3<3<3

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