chick hatched with wry neck

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    Jun 18, 2015
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    I had a baby that pipped but didn't ever make it out of thru shell it was 24 hours and still peeping so I helped it hatch it seems like it still wants to be in a ball like its still in the shell,... well I've been syringe feeding it electrolytes and sugar water and I wet some chick starter and syringe fed her like 2 ml of the wet food she seems to be getting stronger but I am worried about her neck it seems to just hang down I am hoping she will be ok maybe someone can give some suggestions to help her neck get stronger so she can hold it up
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    Pump her full of vitamin E to counter that deficiency. [​IMG] If you can't get to the store to pick up capsules, try Nutri-drench, Rooster Booster Vitamin powder, or molasses. Another thing that would be beneficial would be to add yogurt to the moistened feed for some fat and protein to give her strength. Hope your girl improves like mine did!


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