Chick hatched with yolk bot fully absorbed ??


May 26, 2020
Hey ,everyone !! This was my first time incubating and hatching chicks and I'm almost positive my chick hatched without the yolk fully absorbed, she was the only one . Its about the size of a pea. I isolated her at first our of the incubator and into the brooder once she was dry. Then she was crying because she was alone so I put the next chick to hatch after her in with her and they've been fine together and doesnt peck at the yolk ( that I've seen) she seems to be doing alright , shes drinking a bit and walking around and everything but mainly still just sleeping from being so exhausted from hatching. I didnt do anything to the yolk, left it be in hopes it would dry off. Is that what I'm supposed to do ? I'm reading conflicting things. I will attach a picture ! Any words of advice will be greatly appreciated ! The first picture is from when she was first hatched and then I will attach another photo of what it looks like now , 24 hours later.


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