chick hatching 2 days early??


11 Years
May 27, 2008
I have 5 furtile eggs in an incubator, currently on day 19, all seems normal except one which has piped and is rocking about, will this early hatcher be ok?
It should be fine. I always have an "early bird" in the mix. Somebody always likes to lead the way. Their chirping cheers the other ones on.
Thanks ^.^ This is my second hatch after a first failed attempt, so i'm really worried and nervous for this lot!
Leave him in the incubator for at least 24 hours to call to the others. It helps them all hatch. Watch that the umbiblical cord (egg sack) gets absorbed and dries out properly and detaches. It will usually stick to the floor of the inccubator or brooder. Have Blue coat or something on hand to deal with it if needed. The other chicks could pick at it otherwise. What breed are you hatching??

My Buttercups always hatch on day 20, smaller eggs . Early hatch could also be do to heat that is to high, check that your thermometer is accurate for the next time or just back it off a degree or two next time. I use two thermometers that match. Its amazing how they are each a little different.
Day 20 for me won't officially be until today at noon... but I already have 4/5 chicks hatched and the 5th one is zipping now. It is really hot here, maybe that's why they hatched a little early, but they look great-- all strong, loud, and fluffy-- maybe mama was just tired of sitting on eggs in this heat and asked her little ones to come out on day 19 instead.
I read somewhere that warmer incubators will make them hatch earlier.
Anyway, I usually have one or two that hatch earlier than the others, and almost always overnight between day 19 and 20. Right now, I have a bunch of eggs on lockdown in the hatcher. Day 21 is the 11th. I woke up this morning to find one chick already out, dried off, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Now it is 5 hours later, and only a couple of the rest are pipping.

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