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9 Years
Jan 13, 2011
ScottsVille, michigan
I dont have a clue on when or how to go about having some baby chicks in the spring. I dont want to have any offspring during the winter months. I dont think my buff orpington rooster cares what month it is! He is always busy with the ladies. So when spring comes I dont know whether to gather eggs or let them lay in their nesting boxes. How do I know when the hens become broody and want to sit on eggs of their own and maybe someone elses? It doesnt appear they have any interest right now, but we do collect their eggs daily. I have gathered as many as 5 eggs in one box, but the colors are mixed and I suspect they come from different hens sharing the same box. I did have one hen rolling the eggs around underneath her but didnt stay for any length of time to continue the process. Just what is the process?? Anxious to let the girls do their motherly thing this spring.
Hi, believe me you will be able to tell when your hens are broody! Stays on the nest day and night, puffs up feathers and growls at you to leave her alone. LOL
I keep a nest egg in the boxes, when they get broody, they just sit on the nest egg and whatever eggs might be in with it. You will know when your hen is broody, she will not be amenable to getting off of the nest.
Thanks guys! Seems the "girls" will let me know when they are ready. I take it that this could happen no matter what the season or temperature is? Gosh, I hope they wait til spring! I have 19 hens already. Hope the flock accepts them alright.

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