chick having problems walking.

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11 Years
Apr 26, 2011
Not sure how to treat this.Because I don't know what has happened.this chick is small.and has not thrived like the rest of the chicks.I purchased her with a batch at tractor supply two weeks ago.she was not as active as the rest.but she constantly ate.she has been walking fine.this morning I notice her laying on her side with her left leg straight out.i picked her up and sat her down on her feet.she took a couple of steps.and sat down.her .watching her its as tho her legs have grown stiff.I have been on the computer most of the morning.trying to find out.what could have happen to her.I did read that she may have a vitamin deficiency.Please if any one has had to deal with this.Which I 'am sure you have.Any help would be appreciated.

I would get some poultry vitamins with minerals, such as Poultry Cell vitamins, and give her 1 or 2 ml by mouth daily. Feed her some raw or cooked egg, and put some water into a small amount of her feed for her to eat. How are her poops, and is she alert or sleepy?
I gave her some poly sol vitamins this morning.before I left for work.i also went to the drug store and picked up some vitamin has a 100mg.riboflavin in it.When I picked up these 6 chicks 2 weeks ago.she was a runt.she ate good and drink.and her poo was very wet.and some of these chicks had real watery poo.she would stand off by her self and sleep standing up.After a week I thought maybe she had I mixed up some corid.that has been 7 days ago.i did noticed on Monday I seen some bloody poo in the brooder.she got up and staggered to the feeder this evening.but had to sat down and eat.i have gave her drops of vitamins and drops of water.she is sleeping a lot.the other chicks are so active.and she wants to sleep.but she is having a hard time doing that.they just seem to walk all over her.I not sure she is going to make it.
My little one is out with the rest and running around.I have been giving her vitamin b-100.several drops two-three times aday.thanks for all your help.I really expected this little one would not make it.But I must have caught it in time.

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