Chick heat question


9 Years
Aug 4, 2010
I have 2 1/2 week old babies (three of them) brooding inside my house, I want to get some day olds but know better than to put them together. My question is, will the older babies be ok inside without a heat lamp? My house stays about 70 degrees with no drafts, just trying to avoid two heat lamps unless I have to
I have mixed ages together and they do fine as long as you aren't mixing babies with older pullet or full grown chickens. As far as heat goes babies need heat for awhile even in the house. I kept mine between 85-90 degrees and they are doing well.
At 2-3 weeks, they still need warmer than ave. house temps. I would TRY them together and see how they do. I added two 5 day olds to my four 13 day olds last weekend. The older ones pecked a bit, more exploratory than aggressive. I did use a hardware cloth divider in my brooder (with the lamp more on the little chicks' side) for a day and a half. But they're doing great together now -divider gone. Hopefully yours will be accepting
If you use a divider, it only needs to be maybe 6-8 inches tall.

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