Chick help...sexing Partridge Rocks **pics up**

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    Mar 16, 2010
    Hi all,

    I have two partride rocks that are about 6 weeks old. I am curious if I have a roo or not. I am at work at the moment but will try and post pictures tomorrow. What should I be looking for to tell a roo from a pullet? Both seem to be growing slowly compared to the Buff Orpingtons and the Easter Egger I have. One has tail feathers and the other does not. The one without the tail feathers has a smaller comb forming. The rock with the tail feathers has a larger comb forming. No wattles really to speak of. I've tried getting a good look at the hackle feathers looking for pointier but to no avail. They are both very skittish. Extremely skittish compared to the buff and EE they are in with. Both partridge rocks seem to have legs the same length, and I can't really tell if spurs are starting to develop or not.

    They just seem to be growing slower than the the others. They hate to be held and freak out when we try too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. First two pictures are of the partridge rock with the larger tail feathers and the larger comb. The second two pictures are of the partride rock without tail feathers and the smaller comb. **bonus footage of the buff orpington Mattie**


    eta: sorry about the links to the pictures...
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