chick hunt

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11 Years
Jan 16, 2009
Colbert, Ga
While I'm waiting on my eggs in the bator to hatch, I went on a chick hunt today to help me get over my chick-itis.

TSC was supposed to get chicks Monday, but they are still waiting on their shipment. I was going to pick up a few meaties and some banties there since my local feed store doesnt' get those. I gave them my number to call me when they come in.

After I picked up my girls, we went to the feed store to get our chicks. My 4yo DD picked a Buff Orpington, my 8yo DD picked a Red cuz it matched her hair LOL, then they picked out a Barred Rock for DH. For myself, I got a trio of Ameraucanas (or EE's- but the guy said Ameraucana). DH doesn't know yet that I bought a little roo, but I'm sure he'll figure it out soon enough.

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