Chick in touble while hatching

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    Jul 8, 2010
    I have Marans eggs that I ordered online. One began hatching on the 20th day. Got a small hole opened and was cheeping for 48 hours. It is now day 3 and her activity decreased to almost nothing and the hole got no larger. I finally took a chance and helped by breaking out the end. She is out of the egg now for about 1 1/2 hours but not much movement. Her legs don't seem to have any movement either. Any advice?

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Yes - Don;t panic. She is very weak - you kind of left her a bit long. Did you leave the egg sac attached???? It should drop off naturally.
    She wont need to eat for 2/3 days so not to worry. You may need to drop feed her water not much little drop from an eye drop on the end of her beak. Watch you don;t get it into her nostrils.

    My wee chickie needed help from its egg to - it was a good 12 hrs befor he started moving. Make sure you don;t leave you wee chickie too near the heat sorce as she is too weak to move away from it. We left a sock bed in the incubator and our wee chickie lay in that. You did say you have other eggs hatching. As you need to watch the humidity - Your wee chcikie can stay in the incubator for 2/3 days she will be fine. Don;t worry yet. let her rest and see. You may need to move her to the brood box if you have others hatching and you need to give her a bit more attention.As you can;t keep opening the incubator during hatching as you mess the temp and humidity up. You must keep the Temp at 95 in the brood box for the first week though as she will get cold very quick. Don;t move her until she is really dry and fluffy!

    Oesdog - good luck
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