Chick Intro/Pecking order


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6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
I have 6 chickens 3 amberlinks & 3 Plymouth rocks that are 6wks old. I have 3 RIRs that are 4wks old. I put my 3 RIRs in the coop & the pecking order began. 1 of my RIRs was pecked so badly He was bloody missing all tail feathers & some feathers on its right wing. When I went to check them 2 were huddled together & the other was just bent over defeated taking the horrible pecking to the tail. I immediately removed it & treated it its wounds w/Neosporin. The other 2 then started to be pecked at until my boyfriend could get to the coop & save them. When do I try again? Why the severity? & did I treat my chicks wounds properly?
How large an area are they in? Over crowding can cause issues. I would not think with only 2 weeks difference in age it would be such an issue.

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