Chick is part out but still with a yolk! GASP!!Catastrophe Thwarted!!!


15 Years
Dec 31, 2007
Berlin Nh
My chick was working hard to come out. But the membrane was dried out so I intervened. Thats when I noticed the yolk attached to his backside was still quite large!!YUCK!!
So I got really warm water and kept him wet. I cut away what I could of the egg so as not to hurt him and covered it with the wet cloth.
I then waited all day long until 2:30 am hoping he would finish forming and absorbing the yolk to no avail. I thought he would be dead by morning.
I even thought about putting him down myself. But because i did not know how to humanely I left him be till morning. THEN SURPRISE!!
This morning I looked at him expecting to bury him but he is just fine for now. He absorbed most of the yolk during the night. So I carefully picked him up and soaked the backside. Then I cut away most of the shell surrounding the yolk and cut away the membrane glued to his back!
That was at 9:am. He/She has since lost most of that stuff and is moving around. Still learning to walk but keeping up with the other two chicks! I now have two more pips. And four other eggs that haven't done anything yet.

For now IT is very active. Still trying to walk.
There is a small amount of stuff on his backside. In the mean time two other are trying to hatch. The membrane is dry on both of them. I picked the shell a little bit and put them on a pad soaked with water. I also wet the membrane a little bit to help. But thats all I'm willing to do for now.
No change!
They're still trying to hatch! Membrane dried again. I can't up the humidity any more. I just keep wetting the pad.

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