Chick is scared to walk the board

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    Nov 8, 2007
    I haven't had the time to work on the coop this last week. But Charlotte seems to like it that I pick her up and put her in the coop every night now. When I go into the run she comes walking up to me to be picked up.
    She's my favourit chicken already from the start. Clara and Jos├ęphine don't like to be picked up. They are moer like 2 friends and Charlotte's my friend. I always put some food on the ground for them and Clare and Jos├ęphine start to eat right away but Charlotte prefers her dinner in the bowl. But that's actually a good thing becorse it gives her a chance to get some more food, she's the skinny one, and when Clara's coming and I'm going she doesn't get much food anymore.
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    Quote:I think that's it too. My coop is also raised about that high and has a pretty long ramp, but the lowest chicken in the peck order always jumps down from it going out, and jumps close to the top when going back in. I think I've only seen her walk the full ramp when she goes in to lay an egg during the day -as long as the other girls aren't around!

    When I first started letting them out of the coop to forage I would pick them up and kind of "walk" them up the ramp when it was time to go in for the evening. Some of them took a few days to catch on, but now they all go inside just before dark.

    Good luck!

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