chick just hatched and a quick answer would be appreciated......


8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Northern Illinois
I just had a chick hatch It zipped on its own, but I forgot to check the water at lockdown and it was empty, so the chick started to dry out and get stuck together. It couldnt get out of the egg after the top came off. I dumped it out, and it is trying to get up and walk around, but now its leg is "glued" to its stomach and its wing was stuck to its head. Any ideas? Do I just wipe it off with warm water to unstick it? It is not deformed, just stuck from the goo.
People always talk about completely submerging them in warm water (except face) and drying them off with a warm towel and putting it in brooder or back into bator to dry and they are fine. I've never done it, but if its that glued definiitely try it!
You can hold the body (not the head) under some warm running water, perhaps a thin stream, and rub off the goo with a q-tip. We have done it in with two of us, one holding the chick in the left hand while the other pours handfuls of warm water on the body while we both wipe.

Good luck! I'd give some electrolytes, sav-a-chick, sugar water, etc. to give some extra energy.
when I went to take it out to wash it off, it was stuck to the wire!!!!! so I washed him off and then the freaking power went out! jeez. Temp dropped to 80 before I could get the incubator to a power source. So we shall see......

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