Chick just wants to be held? (Loud peeping in brooder)


10 Years
May 14, 2010
My broody hen hatched out two chicks this week, one on Tues (so now 4 days old) and the other on Wed (3 days old). I have nowhere to separate the hen w/ her chicks and the other hens tried to attack them when mom emerged from nest box w/ her chicks. The chicks scattered rather than running to mom. I was able to step in and grab them up before they were hurt by the other hens. I decided then that it was not safe raising them in the coop bc the chicks can get through the poultry wire on the coop (which is what happened when they ran). So I'm brooding them inside.

The chicks spent their first few days of life w/ their mom (she was still on nest w/ two eggs that never hatched). Last night when I went outside to lock up coop for the night I saw mom was back in nest box rather than on perch where she usually sleeps so I put the chicks back in with her and closed the nest box so the other hens couldn't get to them. This morning I let everyone out to free range as I usually do and took the chicks back inside to their brooder (in my house). However, the older chick peeps VERY LOUDLY almost constantly. Eating, drinking, pooping well. No pasty butt. The temp is 91.3-91.6 checked w/ temp gun. Both chicks are staying under light, not on cooler end. If I get him out of brooder and hold him he just snuggles up and gets quiet. This doesn't sound normal? Is it because he spent so much time w/ mom? Should I try raising the temp (he's already 4 days old)?

Edited to add: They both are peeping like this (the older one is just louder than the younger one). When I peer into the brooder they come over to side where I am and look up at me peeping even louder (if that's even possible). I can put my hand in and they quiet some and mimic me - I scratch around in the brooder, peck at the food, etc w/ my hand. When I pick them up they cuddle right under my neck and get quiet. Is this a case of missing mom/imprinting on me?
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You don't need to raise the temp. Every week you can decrease the temperature. I have never heard of chick separation anxiety, but maybe there is such a thing. I think it will be ok if you hold him often; it will only make him more friendly...
Thanks for the idea. I'll have to find one that doesn't have auto shut off safety feature. Mine will turn itself off after 2 hours. :(
Buy a cheap feather duster for the chick to snuggle under.
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