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11 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Henryville, Quebec
So I'm raising my two week old possible RIR all by herself. I've been noticing she responds differently to some vocalizatiosn I make. If I burp, she drops, freezes, and stays silent till I tell her everything is ok. If I talk nice and happy, obviously she walks about and chirps contentedly.

Now I've notice that if I purr (trill) she responds by trilling back. I can't quite figure out what the significance of the trill is to her. I was wondering if anyone else might have any ideas on that? She doesn't look all on guard when we do it, but I jsut can't figure out if it's a good call or a bad one.

In any case, it's the cutest darn thing. She trills so softly.


11 Years
Mar 23, 2008
Shreveport, La
Our Lola makes it quite apparent when the water dish needs to be cleaned.. and last night as I was moving them to a clean box (we have been using a cardboard box for a brooder while we visit my mom and dad), I had only transfered Pinoccio to the new box, and to watch and listen to the two of them talk back and forth to each other during their brief seperation was just so sweet!!

LOLA: "Hey, Pino, where did you go off to?"

PINO: "Don't ask me.. but there's lots of fresh places just waiting to be pooped on over here.."

LOLA: "I miss you Pino"

PINO: "I miss you too Lola.. come over here with me and we can decorate this place together"

(Or something like that)


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