Chick leg problems


11 Years
Sep 24, 2008
I have a little chick - maybe 3 weeks old who hatched very spraddled legged. I tied her feet with yarn for about a week and she seemed much stronger - and was untied for a week or so. I was gone (husband watching chicks) for 3 days and the little chick seems to have gotten hurt or regressed. Now when you hold her up - her feet cross. One leg often goes way back, and she can't walk. I tried tying it with pipe cleaners, but I can't keep one from going way back and that makes her fall on her face. Any suggestions? She's in a brooder box with LOTS of shavings - they can't get to the bottom of the cage.

PS. I have another chick that my son had to have (from the store) who walks in it's hocks and has curly toe - if you know how to splint for this I'd love suggestions on that too.

The curly toe thing can be done with a cardboard shoe taped on. However, for the spradle leg, it is possible that a muscle or ligament didn't develop right and it may never walk if it has regressed. If you have the time and resources, you could continue to doctor the chick with splints. I personally would cull.

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