Chick listless and losing feathers around eyes - ideas/help?

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    Hi All - I did some searching but can't find anything that reflects exactly what is going on with this chick. I've got 5 babies with a broody, I last saw all of them yesterday morning and everyone was active and fine. I checked them last night but most were snuggled under momma hen so I didn't see all of them. This morning I came out to feed and momma and four chicks were up and waiting for a refill - all four of those babies appear healthy and very active. The fifth chick was still sitting back on the next looking very listless. I picked it up and it cheeped up a storm for about 15 seconds then became listless again in my hand. I inspected the chick and it seems to be losing feathers around it's eyes. The skin is brownish and dry/a little crusty but no discharge or weeping from the eye. The eyes also do not appear swollen or anything. The right eye is worse than the left. I separated this one and put it under a heat lamp in the house. Not really sure what's wrong or what to do for such a little guy. Any ideas of what might be wrong and what to do?

    Here are a couple of pictures - not great but hopefully gives some idea of what I'm describing:


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