Chick lost back feathers while hatching


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Nova Scotia
We had a hen sitting. It was her first time, the eggs were abandoned once or twice and they got cold. I assumed none would make it but on hatch day, there were 3 pips. After an entire day I ended up helping a tiny bit. I just broke a tiny piece of each shell and noticed the membrane was very dry and tight. I cut the membrane a little bit.
Today, these 3 day old chicks are looking pretty good but one has absolutely no feathers on its back and the skin looks red and sore. One other chick is missing a patch the size of a nickel and the 3rd is fine.
Not sure if we should cull the bad one or not. it seems fine otherwise.
As long as you don't see infection, the bird is eating, drinking, and moving normal, I say, why kill? Someone even has a completely featherless chicken here on BYC.

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