Chick made first pip over 36 hours ago


10 Years
Jul 27, 2009
Garner, NC
My chick made its first pip over 36 hours ago but it has not come out of the shell yet. You can see the beak stick out and the top part of the head. Should we help chick out of shell or let it work its way out?
That's a long time but, from my most recent experience I'd say wait. If it is still breathing an moving around it is ok. If you open the incubator if my cause more harm than good. Best of luck
Thanks..One chick hatched and I have 5 others in there that pipped today. So I am nervous to open up the bator and take the one out that has been trying to hatch for all of those hours. She is still breathing and moving.
Well we ended up helping the chick out I did not look good for a while but today she is chirping and walking around... Seems to be doing well.

Thank you for your input.

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