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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by pips&peeps, Jun 9, 2008.

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    Jan 18, 2008
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    So I moved some older chicks to an outside brooder and my husband fenced in a little area in the garden for them. There is just no lid on it.

    The garden is also completely fenced in with 1 X 1 fencing. So they are inside a fence inside a fence. Now, I have never lost a chick to a predator. No hawks, no owls, no snakes, or dogs. I have raised babies outside for the past three years and had no problems. They even roost in the apple trees when they get old enough and the owls haven't bothered either. And my neighbor has a huge old barn with owls the live there.

    So this morning I go out to collect duck eggs and there is only one. Something is wrong, ducks will not lay if upset, there were 11 yesterday.

    I check everywhere for a new duck nest, nothing. Then I check my chicks..... um, where's the other little black one????

    I look everywhere and it's just gone. I am thinking the neighbors cat got it and took it to their barn.

    Well, I guess it is time to SSS. The new neighbors went out a week after they moved in and bought 3-5 barn cats and just threw them out there. I have caught a couple of them hanging out in the yard lately at night.

    I wish my Kiki were still alive, he wouldn't stand for it. He would have protected my chickens last night.

    Just bummed, had to vent.[​IMG]
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    I had new neighbors move in a couple weeks ago (renters) with a menagerie. 5 dogs and at least 2 cats. They started off really BAD by allowing their pets to run the neighborhood. Their Pit Bull puppy (probably 6mos old) 2 days after they moved in was out harrassing my chickens. Run at the wire barking. These IDIOTS were sitting on their porch watching!! I stepped out the door aimed about a foot behind the dog and let go with my 30-06. Dog about turned inside out trying to decide WHICH way to run. These IDIOTS still didn't get the hint. Even watching what happened. Next time their dog looses. Cats are also roaming everywhere. YUP!! Time to SSS!!!!
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    That stinks...
    I'm sorry for your loss...
    Even "barn" cats need to be trained as to what they hunt...

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