Chick needed help out of the last part of the egg, hen abandoned it.


8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
Gaylord, MI
My Silkie has been sitting for some time now, while my boyfriend was here, she had her babies. 5 out 12. Not too bad for our first try, at least not in my opinion.

The fifth chick had made it's wee hole in the egg earlier in the day. We went back out to see and Yeta (hen) was off the nest and this chick was 2/3rd the way out of the egg. My boyfriend helped "him" out the rest of the way and put him under Yeta. She sat for awhile, but when we went out again, some more...she had left that chick with all the other eggs. The four siblings were already jumping around like basket cases at this point. So...we brought the wee one in, he's in his own private brooder. Beautiful little chick, just gorgeous. It's an Americauna Silkie X.
Anyway...been giving water and keeping "him" plenty toasty. Opens his eyes now and then, lets out a squeak. I showed him to the water earlier and he kept making the swallowing motion and occasionally was blowing these tiny bubbles? This little bird seems pretty weak...
I'm just wondering what I can do for him...I guess we made a mistake in trying to help it out of the egg and everything, I've read that's bad.....
Any advice would be fantastic.
He also kinda rolls his head a it's too heavy?
Mom hen may have left him for a reason.

All you can do is support it as much as you can, keep it warm(95%), dry. you may want to try a medicine dropper of water.
He wont need food till at least tomorrow, as they are absorbing the rest of the yolk on their first day.

good luck with the little one.
We assumed that was the case....but we figured we would try....
I would think it's better to die safe and warm than with your Mom a foot away ignoring your cries.

I hope he pulls through.
Cute little bugger!

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