Chick needs help!


Jun 2, 2015
I have a clutch of eggs under a hen, due to hatch tomorrow. 1 has already hatched. It seems 1 egg had been kicked out and it has become accidentally damaged. The shell has come partly off and the inner lining split a little. Blood has come out of this split. The chick is chirping. My question is this, how long do I wait before intervening? It has had to be removed from the mother because she was pecking the blood
Keep the membrane damp, and dab the blood if she is still bleeding put some cornflour/flour on any vessels. AND KEEP HER WARM

when i had an open abandoned egg i broke off the whole big end and basically watched her for hours SHE HATCHED and it was a coturnix quail egg that was under a broody quail but one chick hatched yadayada basically DONT GIVE UP KEEP MEMBRANES MOIST AND KEEP HER WARM

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