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    Aug 31, 2016
    Hey guys try to keep this short. About 3 weeks ago we had some issues with a fox. Wont go into to many details but as a result of a not nice person throwing bricks at our coop and as a result of this a fox got into our coop and took 3 hens and our rooster. For those who know, 2 of them were our beloved Dookie and Bubba, our two originals, our first two. The pain and sorrow I felt hurt so so bad. But the saddest part is for me is two of the hens had babies. All the babies were taken also but two. Both from different mums. Scrambles has been accepted by the flock, although some of the hens tend to give her a run for her money it doesn't seem to be to aggressive.... pecking order. But for Pickles she was injured and how I don't know she got away from the fox (mind you foxy is now in foxy heaven) but the side of her face was damaged. It is now caved in on one side, but she can see fine out of one eye, just a little struggling on the other side, but can slightly see. I didn't think she would make it threw, but nearly 4 weeks later she is eating well, drinking, scratching and loving life ( I think). But the other hens really give her grief, REAL grief and wont accept her. The boys don't mind her... in fact Sir legs-a-lot the first descendant of Bubba and Dookie, tends to hang around her and Scrambles when they are off together by themselves. But that is not very often. I am really worried what to do about this. Scrambles is only a couple of weeks no more then 2weeks older then Pickles. Ever since the attack I have had them both sleep in the laundry as they were still being nurtured by their Mums. At first they Scrambles picked on poor Pickles but has come good since. But when we let them out she doesn't hang around Pickles she takes off to the flock. I try to encourage Pickles to be with the others and vice versa, but with my leukemia at the moment and looking after 2 foster children under the age of 18months I can't be out their as much as I would like to encourage the flock and Pickles. Is their any suggestions what to do next?. She is healthy and happy (or so it seems). If any one can help many many thanks in advance as I am really stumped in what to do
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    Its a natural instinct for the other chickens to avoid or pick on a damaged chicken, you may have to find her a different buddy like a duck in a separate area from the other chickens. Damaged or sick chickens attract predators, so this one will need extra secure lodgings. Maybe after the injuries fade, you can try introducing her to the others again.
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    You may need to make Pickles a pet and provide a nice separate coop with a buddy or a permanent area of the laundry room.

    It sounds like she has been so severely scarred that it may cause her to be forever shunned by the flock. Perhaps in time they will accept her, but the pecking order banishes any that are weak or infirm or maimed, as the other poster is right, those draw predators. She will also be very easy prey to any predator.

    Sorry to hear about your predator. I lost some good hens to a raccoon this winter, one dying several days later after being maimed.

    It is harder when they've become special friends.


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