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  1. suburbanfarmer

    suburbanfarmer In the Brooder

    Aug 11, 2007
    Point Reyes Station, CA
    I got my order of 9 chicks from McMurray on Sunday and everyone looked ok. I started noticing one of my little Maran chicks, "Oprah" was kind of clumsy last night. Now Oprah is sleeping all the time without many periods of activity and her legs seem weak. Whenever she walks she only takes a few steps and kind of limps. Her eyes are still bright and alert though. I am giving them the medicated chick feed and putting vitamins in their water. Anyone know that could be going on? what else can I do? [​IMG]
  2. countryboy

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    Oct 31, 2007
    you might want to pm stormhorse she was having problems with her McMurray chicks.
  3. sammi

    sammi Songster

    Dec 21, 2007
    Southeast USA
    I would watch closely that this chick isn't being bullied away from food and water.
    make sure it eats, even if you have to handfeed for a day or so.
    maybe divide the brooder if possible and put 1 chick in with this one..
    less competition for food.
    apply drops of vitamin water on beak.

    check her foot/leg/hip for injury.
  4. suburbanfarmer

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Point Reyes Station, CA
    She is eating and drinking fine and is not being bullied. I will try the vitamin water on the beak though. I am just really at a loss for what is going on with her. I have looked at her legs in depth and I can't fing anything wrong with them [​IMG]
  5. Farmer Kitty

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    Sep 18, 2007
    I'm not sure you can do anything more for it. Hopefully with this bump someone else may know something more.
  6. bildef

    bildef Hatching

    Mar 8, 2008
    We're having a simliar problem. Two of our Delawares are not doing well. They are 2 weeks old - eating, drinking and defecating appears ok. However, they can't stand up for more than a few seconds and spend almost all of their time lying down. They are a little smaller than the others. We have isolated the 2 sick ones so they don't have any competition to eat or drink. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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